Mindfulness - Introduction and Practice in English Kraków December 1st 2017

Mindfulness – Introduction and Practice in English 

The workshop consist of two parts.
Introduction to Mindfulness and the practices, focused on acceptance and kindness.And the practical part: two Mindfulness practices. Participants will have the opportunity to try and experience what Mindfulness is and ask questions about bothering issues.

Friday 1st December 2017 

18:00 General introduction to mindfulness and practices.
18:35 Tea Break
18:45 I Practice
19:15 Break
19:25 II Practice
20:00 Worksop ends

Unicorn Foundation Workshop
ul.Kopernika 19E Kraków

20zł – Paid after the worksop, booking is not needed.

It is a great chance to get the flavour of Mindfulness practices, and practice with others, as well to check what we do during 8 week stres reduction courses.