Mindfulness For Business

Mindfulness at workplace



  • The benefits of the regular practice include improvements in physical and mental health and the associated with that increased resistance to stress as well as the ability to cope with difficult situations.
  • For employers, this translates into, for example, a more satisfied, healthier workforce, characterized by improved productivity and lower absenteeism resulting from medical redundancies.
  • Number of sick days taken due to, stress, exhaustion and depression can dramatically decrease. The other benefits of regular use of these simple techniques are increased emotional intelligence, improved decision-making skills and strategic thinking, as well as increased ability to think creatively and focus on a specific task.

Mindfulnes at work

Offer for business

Mindfulness sessions:

we operate in Kraków, and can arrange a workshop or course in any other part of Poland

  • 8 week Stress Reduction Course
    8 workshops for 2 hours 30 minutes each.
  • Individual Stres Reduction Pill
    The Course inculdes 3 meetings thet last 2 godziny 30minut.
  • Single/one-time Mindfulness workshop
    Introductory workshop – duration 100min
  • Practice sessions package 20-30 minutes eachduring lunch or coffee break:
    4x 2 sessions a week
    4x 3 sessions a week
    4x 4 sessions a week

Your company is interested in having mindfulness classes for the employees? Contact us, we would be happy to organise a 45 minutes free of charge demonstration session, and answer all questions regarding Mindfulness and the courses we organise.