Mindfulness Course Online

8 Week  Stress Reduction Course

Stress reduction course is designed for everyone in whose life stress is present and it is associated with it anxiety, tension, overload.

Most often we experience stress at work, in relationships with loved ones. It can be linked to a loss or to another situation when our life is out of control. It may be that the amount of problems we are facing is huge enough that without outside help we are unable to function.

The course is a workshop, we learn the practice of mindfulness and how to use it in everyday life. The course lasts eight weeks, each meeting lasts 2.5 hours. Every week has its theme and associated exercises. During the course, we encourage you to contact us and ask questions, both in and outside the classroom. During the course we give out materials summarizing the classes, and the cds with  the recorded practices. Each participant also gets a bag that relaxes the muscles around the eyes, helping in daily practice. A very important part of the course is home-based self-practice, which allows us to introduce what we learn in the course of our daily routine.

Before enrolling on the course, we ask participants to consider whether they will be able to devote 30 to 45 minutes a day to this practice.


Internet – Skype


1476zł   eight  two-hours sessions/meetings 

Payment can be divided into instalments.


Individual sessions, time adjusted to the client’s requirements 


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