About Us


The initiator and principal founder of Breathworks is Vidyamala Burch, whose own experience of life with pain and illness has become the inspiration and the beginning of a worldwide organization.

Originally developed by Vidyamal, the MBPM method has proven to be equally effective in severe illnesses, the fight against addictions as well as the daily stress and stress of life.

Breathworks offers a package of tools to live happily and develop your own potential regardless of your circumstances and health.

Currently Breathworks helps people in countries like Sweden, Brazil, Ireland, Germany, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Turkey, Spain, Australia and Poland. More and more countries are becoming officially recognized by state health care.

More about Breathworks

We have been operating since 2013, leading mindfulness courses, by this time we have managed to get to know the dynamics of work and the needs of participants even better. We do our best to make our courses calm and friendly , to make every participant feel good. We take care of your needs. We want the participants of our classes not only to acquire theoretical knowledge, but above all to learn about the practical side of Mindfulness. To be present at the workshop, the Mindfulness course was a positive experience. We offer classes for both individuals and companies. We’ve worked with such companies as  Google, Akamai, Innogy. We operate in Krakow, we also travel to customers to other places in Poland.

We have been cooperating with the Unicorn foundation since mid-2016, we run 8 week courses for oncology patients in Krakow.

Dawid Faron

With the practice of mindfulness he has been dealing for more than 8 years, teaching and practicing on its own. For several years he has been supporting mindfulness training trips. Since 2015 he focuses on Mindfulness in Breathworks methodology – currently he is on a two-year course of this method. He has known Iwona and Maciek for over 8 years.

Maciek Frąckowiak

He started the practice of mindfulness in the early nineties. He has been teaching Meditation for ten years. He had the opportunity to conduct meditation classes in Great Britain, New Zealand, and now in Cracow. In addition, he taught relaxation yoga for three years, which expanded his body and breathing workshop. He is a certified mindfulness trainer having completed a two year Breathworks course in the UK. For years he has been organizing and conducting mindfulness training trips. Together with Iwona in 2013he led the first eight-week stress reduction course based on the Breathworks method.