8 week stress reduciton mindfulness course

20 february – 16 april tuesdays 10:15-12:45

8 week stress reduciton mindfulness course in Cracow (Kraków)

20 february – 16 april
tuesdays 10:15-12:45

About mindfulness for stress course: 

Mindfulness for Stress is an 8-week course where you will learn life-long skills to reduce stress and anxiety, find greater resilience and boost your wellbeing.
Complete beginners and seasoned meditators with each get something from this course.

This course, we teach a secular mindfulness approach that is practical, giving you accessible tools that you can apply right away. Across 8 weeks, the time shown to create a habit, you will learn how to embed the skill of mindfulness in your life through meditation, mindful movement and everyday practices.

Numerous research studies and clinical trials show the effectiveness of mindfulness for mental health. This course aims to equip you with tools to better manage stress as well as how to simply live your life more fully.

More details about the sessions:

The course is a workshop, we learn the practice of mindfulness and how to use it in everyday life. The course lasts eight weeks, each meeting lasts 2.5 hours. Every week has its theme and associated exercises. During the course, we encourage you to contact us and ask questions, both in and outside the classroom. During the course we give out materials summarizing the classes, and the cds with  the recorded practices. Each participant also gets a bag that relaxes the muscles around the eyes, helping in daily practice. A very important part of the course is home-based self-practice, which allows us to introduce what we learn in the course of our daily routine. Read more about the mindfulness for stress course. 


1. Session: Introduction to mindfulness, working on autopilot, body scan practice
2. Session: Comming to our senses – mindfulness of breathing practice 
3. Session: Working with thoughts, and mindfull movement
4. Session: 5 steps to equinimity, working with difficult experience
5. Session: Noticing the good things
6. Session: 3 major emotion systems, kindfulness, acceptance – loving kindness practice 
7. Session: The cocial dimension of mindfulness
8. Session: The rest of your life

Course programe is based on  Breathworks Mindfulness.

tuesdays 10:15-12:45

  1. 20 february
  2. 27 february
  3. 5 march
  4. 12 march
  5. 19 march
  6. 28 march
  7. 9 april
  8. 16 april

If you’re unable to attend in person you could attend the mmeting by zoom (online). If this is not available for you, we could arrange a short call to introduce you to the missed session.

Where: Sanghaloka Buddhist Centre  ul. Augustiańska 4 Kraków, 

Price: 1250zł – paying after 20th january, please pay the whole amount till 20th february 2024.
1050zł – paying the whole amount till 20th january 2024

If needed we can arrange divided payments. If you cannot pay the standard rate contact us and we will find solution.

The number of participants is no more than 12, to book we ask you to fill the registration form and pay deposit 300zł 

Paying 300zł deposit is needed to complete the booking on the course
We kindly ask you to pay the deposit within 5 days of filling the registration form. A refund (minus 300zł deposit) is available if you cancel up to 14 days before the course begins.

If you can’t participate in this edition of the course, it’s available to move the reservation to a next edition.

Book tickets 

Interested in attending the course, but different hours. We offer individual courses and workshops where we could adjust hours to your needs. We offfer individual sessions for one or more participants – check individual courses.

If you’re interested in mindfulness, check some data provided by Breathworks  breathworks-researchhere!

Lead by:

Dawid Faron

Thank you for the entire course, it contributed a lot to my life, it changed my approach to meditation, I found a place for myself here.


I would like to thank you. I didn’t expect but this course upgraded the quality of my life.  I discovered new possibilities, become interested in the subject and I plan to follow that path.

Monika Barzycka

Very well prepared structure and dosage of topics. You seem to be talking about obvious things, but realizing them changes your perspective a lot. A nice balance between theory and meditation practice. I come back to the training materials from time to time to consolidate the topics you discuss and I eagerly return to the exercises. 8 weeks were perfect to start the path of mindfulness, and what I gained from the course allows me to further explore the topic on my own.


Once again, thank you very much for your kind presence at the course. It was an introduction to the beautiful adventure of meditation.


dawid faron mindfulness

I am a certified Breathworks mindfulness teacher. I have been leading mindfulness and meditation courses in the secular mainstream of mindfulness for 8 years. I am a Buddhist in the Triratna tradition where I also teach meditation. By conducting classes, I want to share my passion and experiences in exploring the mind and meditation. I like running in the mountains and playing the guitar.