What is Mindfulness


has two aspects. It is the ability to be present with all that we experience: emotions, thoughts, signals from our body and surroundings, and everything that happens to us. Such skill allows us to objectively assess the situation and respond in an adequate manner to it. It is also a skill of gentle, warm, friendly acceptance of every moment of our lives, our environment and our relationships with people.

By developing mindfulness we learn to develop openness to the situations in which we are. Experiences cease to overwhelm us, we notice that we have a greater distance to life ups and downs.

During the course we learn the tools that help us develop both aspects of mindfulness. These are both formal meditation practices that allow us to develop the habit of being present and the exercises that sustain our mindfulness in our daily lives.

Our Mindful mission

Our main goal is to help people living with chronic pain, illness and stress. Using the mindfulness program developed by the British organization Breathworks and their many years of experience in the practice of mindfulness. We provide courses and training demonstrating how to use our potential to lead a full and happy life – regardless of the circumstances in which we are.

„Iwona and Maciek are pioneers. Being the first in Poland to show the Breathworks approach to mindfulness. Both have completed their UK training and I have no doubt that their knowledge and skills have helped and will help many people lead happier and healthier lives. I wish them all the best. „

Vidyamala Burch – Founder and Trainer of Breathworks, author of books

„Living Well with Pain and Illness” and „Mindfulness for Health”

About Us

Benefits from Mindfulness

  • reduces tension and stress
  • develops creativity
  • develops clarity of mind
  • develops analytical skills
  • boosts memory and focus
  • better and wholesome relationships with people
  • is seen as an efficient therapy for depression
  • develops curiosity, opennes and acceptance
  • has an impact on the improvement of health